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Welcome to the Mansbach Lab!

Mansbach lab poster

We are part of the Department of Physics and affiliated with the Centre for Research in Molecular Modeling

Mansbach lab poster

We do research on physics-based rules for creating interpretable design spaces for therapeutics.

Our lab poster was modified from Sammy Katta’s website.

Poster text reads:

In this lab, we believe: science is real (microscope image), decolonization is a must (picture of earth), love is love (rainbow anatomical heart), black lives matter (brown raised fist), feminism is for everyone (female symbol), proteins are cool (image of model), immigrants are welcome (statue of liberty).

Pictures of the lab group are along the side, the Concordia and CERMM logos are at the bottom, next to the non-binary and genderfluid flags.

Contact Us

Ré (Rachael) A. Mansbach, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Concordia University

email: re.mansbach (at)

Interested in joining the Mansbach lab?

We are always in the market for motivated and talented people. Open positions are listed on our Join page.
We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

See our lab compact and philosophy

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